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15 de June de 2023

Your summer with Mïmare Natural Cosmetics

With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to look forward to the exciting plans we have in store. Now it’s time to think about what are your must-haves for this season, we have it clear! For hair care we choose Mïmare Natural Cosmetics. Mirame Natural Cosmetics and your summer Products with vegan formulas and […]
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· Know your hair ·
14 de December de 2021

The magic secret of the Mïmare brand

One of the keys to a successful product is that it solves a need.
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· DoyPack ·
13 de December de 2021

The doypack revolution

The first appearance of the doypack or also known as stand-up pouch dates back to 1963. Over the years this idea has been gaining emphasis as the use of a circular economy and an incessant demand for eco-friendly products is being implemented in our lives.
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· Sustainable beauty ·
12 de December de 2021

Mïmare, the new sustainable beauty

More and more people are joining sustainable beauty. It is clear that our needs are changing. We care about being beautiful, but we also care about doing it in a responsible way. At Mïmare, beauty and sustainability speak the same language.
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