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Mïmare takes care of you, takes care of the environment.

Nowadays, people consume without being aware of the impact that these actions generate around us. It is estimated that there are between 5 and 50 billion plastic fragments in the seas, not counting the amount ingested by marine wildlife, which can also end up in our bodies. This is only one piece of what human beings can cause. In conclusion, human beings are comfortable with what we know and we are afraid to look for other alternatives. We have the duty to let the planet breathe, because it is the engine of the life cycle.

The Earth is a living organism that breathes. We human beings are part of this organism and we are united by emotional bonds that we do not know. Just as the Earth is made up of 75% water, our body is also made up of 70% water. Thus, our organism is attracted to the sea, generating a series of positive sensations, such as happiness, tranquility and emotion.

Why don't we take care of something that makes us feel so good?

Under this idea arises Mïmare, a brand of hair care products with very specific nuances:

  • 100% vegan formulas, free of SLS, SLES, sulfates and/or silicones.
  • Products with a careful sensoriality.
  • Bio-certified active ingredients.
  • Highly natural percentage in its formulations (over 90% in all its products).

In its etymological origin, Mïmare is composed of two terms: mare (‘sea’ in Italian) and mimar (‘pamper’ —to treat someone or something with great affection and delicacy). It is a pun that implies social commitment, both to ourselves and to the environment.

Doypack: the best alternative in sustainable packaging

At Mïmare we try to make our actions as less harmful to the planet as possible, with an emphasis on plastic reduction.

That is why we enter the market with doypack packaging, our main differential.

  • We use 100% doypack packaging in all our product references.
  • Up to 67% less plastic than traditional packaging.
  • 100% recyclable packaging and formulations with an average biodegradability of over 90%.
  • High reduction of the carbon footprint, due to its flexibility that reduces its volume and weight in transport.

With Mïmare, get to fully know your hair

It is common to treat hair with products that are not entirely correct. We have all fallen into this problem at some time and that creates a confusion that is reflected in our hair. At Mïmare, we want you to know your hair and take care of it with the right treatment. On our website, there is an active section where you can find a hair diagnosis, which is tested by professionals in the sector that will indicate the perfect routine for you.

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Our philosophy

Our mission is to raise awareness and support sustainability by making some changes in daily routines that makes a positive difference to the world around us and beyond. Some of our products defining qualities are:

Respect and care for animals
Reduction of plastic consumption
Guarantee highly natural and biodegradable ingredients